Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coupon Connection: How to order

To order whole inserts or coupons:

Step 1
Visit Coupon Connection on Facebook.

Step 2
On the left side of the page under the profile photo, you will see links. Click "Order Whole Inserts Now!"

Step 3
Use the drop down menu to choose your category.

Step 4
Choose a coupon or insert you would like to purchase, click buy.

Step 5
Enter the quantity of that coupon or insert that you would like to receive then click 'buy now'

Step 6
You will be asked if you would like to checkout or continue shopping.  Choose which you would like to do.

Step 7
Once you have added all coupons and inserts you would like to purchase, click the cart icon.  It will show how many different things you have added to the cart.

Step 8
Scroll down and click 'pay with paypal'

Step 9
Fill in your information and click 'secure checkout'

To subscribe to whole inserts:

Step 1
Visit Coupon Connection's website.

Step 2
Use the drop down menu for each type of insert and complete the paypal checkout process

Enjoy your coupons from Coupon Connection!!!

Find out what coupons will be coming in next week's inserts here

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