Saturday, October 1, 2011

Got an iPhone or Android phone? Get exclusive deals and free gift cards!!!

Shopkick has over 2.3 million users!  

With the Shopkick app, I have received gift cards to Target, Best Buy, gotten special deals at store, and even helped causes like the American Humane Society, Prevent Child Abuse in America, and Fight Cancer with Livestrong.  

How do you use Shopkick?
Just open the app and it will use the built in gps and give you 'kicks' (points) when you walk into certain stores, or scan products. You can also unlock bonuses!  The bonuses can either give you extra kicks or donate to causes.  Once you have acquired enough kicks, you can redeem for gift cards or other prizes.  The gift cards can be used straight from your phone.  Just show the cashier the code and it will redeem the same as a gift card.  Kicks can also be accumulated by inviting friends with your code.  Both you AND the friend will get 50 kicks when they use your code.

Want to start out with 50 kicks for free?  
Use my code and you and I both get 50 kicks.  
The code is kangaroo98
Just put this in code when you log in after downloading the app.  

Download the iPhone app for free here 

Download the Android app for free here


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