Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PrizeNote - I got my $10 Best Buy Gift Card today - sign up and you could win too!

A couple weeks ago, I opened an email from PrizeNote... a couple days later, I got an email saying I won a $10 Best Buy gift card!

PrizeNote gives out a gift card every day and even has the occasional extra contest where you are entered to win just by opening an email (like the one that I won from!) They give out gift cards to Starbucks, 

So...how do you win?  
Sign up at PrizeNote for FREE and voila...that's all.  You are automatically entered to win the daily giveaways! Watch for the occasional email that says 'open to be entered to win' and you will be entered for additional giveaways! 

How else can you win?
After signing up, go get your referral link.  If someone signs up under your link and they win...so do you!!!


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