Saturday, October 8, 2011

"You won't win if you don't enter" - my motto

You may wonder if you really have a chance at winning the big giveaways I link to on my blog and Facebook page.  I promise do have a chance! My motto is: "You won't win if you don't enter!"  I enter tons of giveaways and I DO win from time to time... check out some of the awesome things I have won:

FHI Runway Flat Iron
from Cosmopolitan magazine
Est Value: $450

Britax Convertible Car Seat
from Britax giveaway on Facebook
Est Value: $350

Lucca Couture Gift Card
from Lucky magazine
Value: $150

Keri lotion package and necklace
from Marie Claire magazine
Est Value: $150

Hartz Puppy Supplies
from Hartz giveaway on Facebook
Est Value: $50

Amazon Gift Card
from Cinderella 11pm Twitter party
Value: $75

iTunes gift cards
from various giveaways
Value: $95

Avon products
from various giveaways
Est Value: $20

Lysol touchless handsoap dispenser package
from a Facebook giveaway
Est Value: $15

....not to mention many other smaller prizes or gift cards that I have not kept track of!!!

This is not a brag post... I merely want to let you know that you do have a chance at winning these large giveaways I post that are from big companies where tons of people are entering.  Someone has to win, right??? Sometimes, that person could be you!!!


cbusch said...

Great post! Well said.

shannon said...

Great post and I love enetring giveaways.

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