Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FREE Interactive Online Baby Book

  • It's FREE!!!
  • Over 70 cute designs!
  • Integrated with Facebook 
  • Create a Keepsake for a lifetime
  • Printed Memory Books
  • Interactive polls & guestbook
  • Private & Secure!
Sign up now to get your free online baby book!

Add all your private memories to TotSites while having the option to selectively choose which baby photos you also want on Facebook and then let us post to your Facebook wall. Now you can upload photos ONCE and publish to both sites saving you time while creating a one-stop keepsake for your baby's life with TotSites.

If you don’t want just anyone seeing your child’s information you can add a private password to your website. Only allow those people you trust to view your child’s information, photos and videos on TotSites.


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