Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mail Freebies 09/01/11

Bio Crystals Products that were sent for me to review
Collagen Protein Drink (I forget where I got this one)
Burberry Perfume Sample (an ounce or two..not bad!) 
Not pictured: later in the day, UPS brought me a Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller with $1 off coupon

Anything interesting in your mailbox today?  See previous days here


eclypsechic said...

Nice! Where do you go to do reviews? And I can't wait to get my perfume sample looks awesome!

Family Centsability said...

I specifically contact companies in order to receive products for review. This is the first that I had contacted so it is still new to me. It is exciting though! It is very hit or miss because a lot of companies may not be interested because their products are already well known.

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