Friday, September 23, 2011

I got a FREE full-size product from the i-Say panel!

100 oz Tide

This is just ONE of the full size products I have received from Ipsos i-Say! They aren't all just cleaning products either - you could even get free makeup or hair products. I love getting products to review.  I have been sent full size products and then a quick little survey a week or two later usually to review the product.  It is very quick and easier than working an hour at your job to make $9-10 to buy laundry soap or makeup!

Why the i-Say Young Adult survey panel?
  • $5,000 monthly sweepstakes
  • $1,000 for new members only sweepstakes
  • receive full size products like the one above!

To join, visit Ipsos i-Say
  1. Fill in your information to create a new member account
  2. Check your email for an email from them (it will come within minutes) and confirm your account
  3. Once you confirm your account, it will bring you to a page where you can complete your entry into the sweepstakes!
You need to confirm your account to be eligible to win anything or get free products!


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