Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Bio Crystals Cleaning Products

National Bio+Green Sciences asked me to do a review of their Bio+Green Crystals cleaner. I tried both their All Purpose Cleaner and the Fruit and Vegetable Wash.

First came preparation. The Bio+Green products are nicely packaged as small sachets of crystals that can be put directly into a 32oz spray bottle full of water. The package dissolves and the crystals mix in with the water when you shake it, creating the end product.

I happened to have done some housekeeping and did not have many dirty areas to test the strength of the All Purpose Cleaner, so I decided to make a little mess of my own. I sprayed oils onto the counters, poured wet salt on top, and drizzled sticky caramel topping across the surface. After letting the mess set in for a while, I tried wiping the mess up with only a paper towel. Most of it came up, but the counter was left oily and sticky, with the occasional stuck-on salt chunk. I sprayed a bit of the Bio+Green All Purpose Cleaner on half of it and the big-brand cleaner I typically use at home on the other half, then wiped the counter clean. I repeated the process on some baby formula that had stuck itself to the counter for dear life.

The All Purpose Cleaner got the oil and sticky residue off equally as well as the big-brand (and non-natural) cleaner I used next to it. The major differences were that the Bio+Green product did not have the strong "cleaner" smell, instead smelling just slightly of spearmint. Also, as with castile soaps, the counter dried faster after use and no film was left behind at all. It was also able to get the baby formula powder off almost instantly.

The cleaner also works well with all surfaces - I used it on wood, stainless steel, vinyl, porcelain and a window, all of which look great. The natural ingredients in the cleaner did not damage any of it, and worked better than the big-brand on the stainless steel toaster, on which the big-brand left a rainbow-like effect and residue while the Bio+Green left none. The only area in which the big-brand outperformed was burnt-on residue on the stovetop, and even the big-brand had to sit on the mess for half an hour before it would come up.

The Fruit and Vegetable wash was used on my newly purchased apples, strawberries and, for fun, a watermelon. I don't have a fruit and veggie wash at home, so no comparison could be made. However, I found the wash to leave no smell or taste on the apples or strawberries, leaving them clean looking without the waxy coating that was on them from the grocer. The watermelon took a bit of work, but came out shiny and green enough that nobody would pass it up in the store.

The good: 
The Bio+Green products left no residue and performed just as well as big-brands which contain potentially hazardous chemicals. The Bio+Green cleaners are all-natural and even the sachets dissolve and leave no waste or mess. A company could stockpile these to save space and never have to worry about running out of cleaners. With a 3 month old baby in the house who is starting to pull anything and everything into his mouth, a good, non-toxic cleaner that actually WORKS seems a blessing, and I intend to get more of the cleaner for use on his toys and everything else he chews on (thankfully the dogs don't chew, just the baby!).

The bad:  
The sachet takes a while to dissolve (15 minutes while I shook it), and while the sachets take up little space, you are limited by the number of spray bottles you have on hand. I have only one bottle, so in order to prepare and use the Fruit and Vegetable Wash I had to pour the All Purpose Cleaner into another container and make the wash. The All Purpose didn't handle burnt and stuck on messes very well, but then again it isn't an oven cleaner, is it?

Overall I would definitely recommend the Bio+Green products to anyone who wants a natural solution to cleaning. It performs as well as the big-brands but is all-natural and non-toxic. I'm not worried about using products on my dogs' level - they leave things alone. But anyone with a baby will know that starting very early they are curious and a strong urge to chew and lick anything they can get their mouth on. With Bio+Green I won't have to worry about spending more time RINSING his toys than I do cleaning them, just to get the chemicals off.

For more information or to purchase Bio+Green products, visit the Bio Green Crystals website.


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