Sunday, July 31, 2011

2000 Fan Giveaway Sponsors

I began my page around June 20th, 2011.
I would love to reach 2000 fans by the end of August.  
I am almost there!

When I reach 2000 fans, I will open up a giveaway.  
  1. Prizes may be valued as low as $5 to as high as the sponsor is willing to give.  
  2. Prizes must be completely free to the winner (i.e., no % off your online store, no shipping cost unless they are out of the contiguous United States)
  3. Prizes can be gift cards, homemade items, non-homemade items, services, or anything else as long as I approve. 
  4. I will post each prize from a separate page and will contain links to your Facebook page and blog or shop page.  Entrants will be required to like Facebook pages.
  5. If a sponsor has GFC or Twitter, these will become additional possible entries.  
  6. I will use Rafflecopter as the entry method through my website.
  7. Sponsors will be expected to promote occasionally.  If each sponsor promotes the giveaway, they will gain fans from each other.  It is unfair if one page promotes and the others don't, but get the benefits.
  8. The giveaway is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or ran by Facebook, Google, Rafflecopter...or anyone else besides the sponsors and myself.   Each prize will specify whether the winner has to be a US resident or not.  
  9. Winners will be drawn within 48 hours of the giveaway ending (which will be specified once I reach 2000 fans since I do not know what day that will be..the giveaway will probably be open for 1-2 full weeks).  Winners will be contacted by myself and posted on the giveaway page.  They will then have 48 hours to email their mailing address to the sponsor of the prize they won.  Sponsors are responsible for giving the prizes to the winner, whether they ship it, email it, or whatever the prize requires.  If your winner does not contact you, it is up to you whether you want me to draw a 2nd winner or not.
  10. If I already have Mark, Avon, It Works, or Mary Kay reps, etc, I may be unable to take you as a sponsor if you are also one.  I will accept 1 of each, unless both the first one who claimed to be a sponsor and you both agree that it is ok, otherwise the first to sign up as a sponsor will get the spot.
  11. Sponsors may enter but not for their own prize.  

If you are wanting to sponsor, please email the following to :
  • A link to your Facebook page
  • A link to your website or shop if you have one
  • If you have GFC or not
  • If you have Twitter (and your Twitter name)
  • The prize you will be sponsoring, any details you want me to include for the entrants to read, and a photo of either the prize or your logo