Friday, July 1, 2011

$90 worth of products for $20 at Walgreens

Ok so usually I will just use an occasional coupon or get something on sale.. I don't really put a lot of time into it like I should and don't save 50-90% of my shopping bill like most coupon-ers.  Today I did.  I went to Walgreens with no plan, except knowing that Stayfree would be .99 after my coupon and that I was hoping to get a few other things on sale (that I didn't even get unfortunately.)

Here is the breakdown of what I got and how I saved on it.  Some of it was just plain lucky clearance though!

Swiffer Sweeper - on sale for $8.99 (regular $13.99)
Swiffer Refill 12ct- on sale for
$3.74 (regular $5.99)
Culligan Faucet Filter - clearance
$4.24 (regular $16.99)
Tylenol Precise Cream - $8.99
Culligan Filter Replacement (2) - clearance
$2.87 each (regular $11.99 each)
Stayfree 14 ct - on sale for $1.99
(regular $3.79)
Scotch Paper Cutter - on sale for $2.99
(regular $6.99) 
Studio 35 Clear Poly hairbands 150ct - clearance
$0.62 (regular $2.49)
5 Tab Dividers (2 packages) - clearance
$0.37 each (regular $2.99 each)

- $5.00 coupon off Swiffer Sweeper from the Home Made Simple coupon pack
- $3.74 coupon from buy Swiffer Sweeper, get Refill free up to $5 from Home Made Simple coupon pack
- $3.00 off Tylenol Precise in Walgreens July coupon book
- $5.00 off Tylenol Precise online printable coupon (may or may not be available still)
- $1.00 off Stayfree product

Subtotal $19.30 
Product regular prices at Walgreens $89.19
Total Savings: -$69.89

That's a 78% Savings if I figured it out right!  Hopefully I can keep this percentage up if I actually make more of an effort.  These are all items I have either been wanting or needing anyways.  I do not plan to stockpile with my coupons unless it is just a few of an item.  I don't believe in clearing shelves because that is rude to others.  I just try to save on everyday stuff I need to be able to afford the necessities for my family. 
I even forgot to use my $10 Walgreens gift card from so it was all out of pocket.  Otherwise it would have only been about $10 out of my pocket! 


Anonymous said...

Love your finds! I'm always on the lookout for Swifter coupons.

Melanie Bollentino said...

oops, didn't mean to have it anonymous