Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amazon Code Giveaway Night - Sponsors

Want to gain some page exposure?  

Amazon Code Giveaway Night is a great way to gain page exposure.  
3 or more fan pages will participate (the more, the merrier!) sending their fans to each of the other pages participating, helping each page to gain more fans.  The fans' reward is a contest to see who is fastest to get the Amazon code entered into their account. 

If you want to participate or have questions, email me at   

How to get a code:

1.     First, you will need to purchase some Amazon codes from Amazon, earlier in the day so that you are prepared. You can purchase a code as low as $0.15           
2.     Go HERE and choose the Email option. 
3.     Enter the amount you would like to purchase.  The lowest is $0.15 but I would prefer at least $0.25-0.50 for the lowest amount for the giveaway, or else people may think you are just wasting their time.  You can purchase as high of one as you want.  It is up to you. 
4.     Enter your email address and name so you can have it mailed to yourself. 
5.     Click Add to Order
6.     On the right hand column, you will see your ‘order total’ and a button to Proceed to Checkout.  Click that.
7.     Amazon may prompt you to log in, in which case, go ahead. 
8.     Enter your credit card info if prompted.  Unfortunately you cannot use Amazon gift card credit to purchase Amazon gift card codes. 
9.     Click continue.
10. Choose your address. 
11. Click to place your order on the right hand side if everything is correct.
That is the point where I am stopping today so that I am not purchasing a code.  The code should then email to you.  It is usually a combination of numbers and letters with dashes in between. 

Throughout the day, let your fans know about the code giveaway in your statuses or blog posts or wherever you can.

 For example:
Amazon Code Giveaway tonight at 8pm sponsored by Family Centsability, myself, ______, and ________.

Be sure to tag each page participating.  You can do this by typing the at sign (@) and then the page’s name.  As you begin to type it, for example @FamilyCen   you will see the rest of my page’s name pop up below and you can click it to make sure that my page is tagged. 

Beginning the code giveaway:

We will pre- arrange the order in which the pages will post.  I will contact each blog so that we are aware. 

1.     To begin, we will post statuses on our pages to let everyone know which page is going first.  Example,
Go to @FamilyCentsability to win the first FREE Amazon code!

2.     The first page posting will wait a minute or two to try to let everyone get to their page.  Sometimes pages will post “Who wants an Amazon code? After I get 50 likes, I’ll post it!” (or however many likes you choose.. if we are all low # fans on our pages, we can aim a little lower.) 

3.     After the desired amount of post likes, or after a couple minutes, you can post your code.  You can post it a piece at a time, in or out of order.  Or you can post the whole code at once.  Or you can take a photo of the code and post it in your wall photos so they have to type it out instead of copying and pasting. 

4.     After someone states that they have claimed it, we will move onto the next page with a code.  Again, we will tag that page and send everyone their way just like step 1 listed above.  Repeat steps 1-4 until we are done. 

To tell your fans (before we begin contest) how to enter the Amazon codes, you can say something like this:

Log into your Amazon account, click on ‘your account’ on the right,
 Then when your account page loads, in the middle of the page, you can find ‘apply a gift card to your account.’  The first person to enter the code is the winner of the code.


1.     Keep up.  This has been a number 1 issue in the past.  If you are not letting your fans know where the next code is, they may get unhappy if they don’t make it in time.  Make sure you are refreshing the pages to keep up with what is going on, and make sure that you don’t hold up the game.  I have seen a lot of people quit and unlike pages because they got frustrated with pages that weren’t keeping up.  To those playing, they want a steady quick pace.  We have to hold them back a little so we have time to get people to come ‘like’ our pages but we don’t want to take too long.  Fans will lose interest if they are waiting a few minutes with nothing to keep them interested.  If you take more than 4-5 minutes between codes, fans will get frustrated and unhappy with you.

2.     Encourage your fans to invite more fans.  The more the merrier!  The more you invite, the more people will see on their newsfeed that they are playing, and the more will come join your page and the rest of the pages to play.  The more that join, the more your fan count goes up. 

3.     Make sure your code is ready.  Do not ‘test’ the code.  This will make it ‘taken’ and no one will be able to claim it. 

4.     Play friendly and fair.  The more fun you make it, the more that your page will stick out in others’ minds.

Let me know if you have any questions!   


carmen said...

Just wanted to let you know that I copy and pasted this and even tagged u in it so that u got credit but I love this and want to get more pages involved...

Family Centsability said...

Thanks! I'll be in charge of it so just have everyone contact me if they are interested! Once we get at least 3 blogs to participate (the more blogs, the less codes each has to buy), we can arrange a time that works out for us all to have it! :) Can't wait!

anyone can email me at with questions or if they are interested!

Diana said...

I'd love to participate!! If your still accepting donors.. count me in for a few AGC's :)

You can contact me at