Friday, July 1, 2011

1000 Fan Giveaway Sponsors

Hello! I am looking for sponsors for my 1000 fan (on Facebook) giveaway.   This is a great way to extend your page and products to audiences other than those you have already found.

  • The prizes will be worth $5-25 (or more if you are willing) and I prefer no cost to the winners - no shipping and no % off orders on your store.  
  • All entrants will be required to like your Facebook page.  
  • If you have a Twitter or GFC, they can follow via those for extra entries.  
  • I will host the giveaway on my blog and advertise through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and expect you to promote the giveaway in any way you can also.  
  • You will be expected to ship or send the item to the winner of your prize after they have contacted you with their information.  
  • I will take sponsors up until the contest ends (unless I get too many sponsors.)
  • I am looking for 10-20 sponsors.
  • The giveaway will begin once I reach 1000 fans. 

      Prizes that are acceptable:
      $5-25 gift cards (online gift card codes, codes to your shop, or mailed cards)
      Homemade items
      Non homemade items
      Online services (free logo design, etc)

      Email me at or leave a comment on this post with any questions or comments.  I have not had a sponsored giveaway before so if you have participated in one before, I would appreciate any suggestions that you have.  I have entered tons of them in the past couple of months when I was pregnant and preparing to start my own blog, so I have seen how others have run them before.