Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You've dropped your phone in the dog's water..now what??

No, I do not mean that you need to worry about the dog's slobbery germs...  
I mean that your phone could stop working completely if you do not act fast! 

Step 1:
Turn your phone off ASAP!  Any electrical charges circulating through your phone could cause it to short out and bust inside if water is inside.  

Step 2:
Remove the back and battery of your phone if possible as well as the SIM card if your phone has one. The more you can take apart your phone, the easier and quicker it will dry out.  

Step 3:
Put uncooked rice in a bowl and set your phone in it.  Rice wicks the moisture away.  If you have any of those little silica gel packs laying around, those work great too! 


  • Do NOT use heat such as a hair dryer or even direct sunlight to dry the phone.  This could warp adhesives that keep the board inside your phone working correctly.  
  • If you feel the need to sanitize your phone after dropping it, you can use an alcohol wipe on the outside.  
  • Dropping your phone in salt water can do more damage than fresh water because of salt crystals.  If you drop it in salt water, be sure to use fresh water to wipe the phone down before drying it out.  



Anonymous said...

Definitely shut the device off and DO NOT try to power it on or plug it in. This causes corrosion on the board that can be fatal to your device. It's recommended that you take it to a repair shop or someone you know that can open the device to dry it out properly. There's no guarantee that rice is going to do the job. Salt water can be worse, so definitely get it to a professional if possible to clean it out and let it dry properly.