Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Day Giveaways

1. Sign up for FREE! (receive points just for signing up)
2. Enter giveaways!
3. Earn points for sharing the giveaways on Twitter and Facebook, and enter even more giveaways! 
4. Save points and cash in for prizes in the Diamond Mall (coming soon!)

Prizes are constantly being added.  As I type this, there are products like an iPod, a lamp, Sims Medieval, and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Popular Mechanics, Bazaar, and even gift cards to iTunes, Farmville, and more.  The prizes available are constantly changing.  

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY...EVER! As they state on their 'About Us' section of their blog, they will never send you spam emails.  I have never received a single email from them.  

And guess what....don't see a prize you want to enter?  Suggest a prize to them! If they use your idea, you will get extra points for helping them out.  

Have an iPhone?  
Download the All Day Giveaways App for FREE to start entering prizes straight from your phone.