Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shop It To Me Review

Many of you have probably heard of Shop It To Me from other blogs and wondered what the deal was with them and why you should bother signing up.

I honestly avoided signing up for quite a while until a friend convinced me to and just like you, I had no idea what to expect.

What is Shop It To Me?
Basically, you choose the brands, sizes, and price range and Shop It To Me finds the best deals for you, just like a personal shopper.  It is completely FREE to sign up and use.  Shop It To Me finds deals on shoes, accessories, handbags and clothing in men's, women's, and children's stores. 

My opinion?  
It's pretty neat!  You put in the brands you like, the sizes you generally wear and it does the searching for you.  Once you have specified those, you can sort by brand, size, item category or even retailer.  They will show you the original price and the sale price that Shop It To Me found for you.  

At any time you can change the sizes and brands that you want to show up.  You can even set a maximum price so that you do not see items that you cannot afford, and even can set a minimum percent off of the original price.  Or leave it on the default settings and dream! 

I have found really cute swimsuits for $16 (regular $68), awesome animal print tights for $8.99 (regular $15) and even products that cost way more that are 50% or more off.  Personally, I cannot afford the $1,000 dress that is regularly $2,000 but if you can, it's a pretty good deal.  If you can't, like myself, you can set the maximum price of products to be shown.

I honestly think that it is worth checking out occasionally to see what deals they have in store for you...literally!

If you are interested in checking them out, you can sign up here.

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