Thursday, August 4, 2011

Have stay-at-home-mom boredom?

Just need something to do?

  1. Learn a new craft.  Take up sewing, crocheting, or even painting and make something for your little one.  Sometimes it's really rewarding to make something and get to see it on the wall or even see your little one wearing it.  If you don't make something you like, guess what, you found something to fill some time to keep you from being bored for a while and you can move on to something else.  Not sure how to start a new craft?  Look online - youtube even has a lot of video tutorials, believe it or not.   
  2. Learn and practice yoga or pilates. I can't even start to list all of the benefits here...they never end! 
  3. Learn to cook new dishes.  You get two results from this - something to do and something to eat! 
  4. Find a play group for your little one.  It also gives you a  chance to socialize with other moms.  
  5. Take an online class.  Even if you have never attended college or are already a graduate, you can usually enroll in classes at your local community college.  They are fairly cheap and there are usually classes available online.  You will learn something, keep busy, and even have it to add to a resume if you return to work.  
  6. Go on a walk.  My baby loves walks in his stroller!  He either falls asleep from the bumpiness of the sidewalk or he enjoys looking around.

Need to make or save money?
  1. Enter giveaways and sweepstakes. You would not believe how many are out there.  Before I started my blog, I did not know what to do with myself and found sweepstakes all over the internet to enter.  Eventually I even won some! 
  2. Sign up for coupons and samples.  See the photo to the right to see what I got just the other day for free, including a $10 gift card!
  3. Babysit one or two other children.  You will be a lot busier this way but also making money.  
  4. Fill out surveys.  My favorites are Opinion Outpost, Toluna, MySurvey, and Synovate.  I even have done this while holding my baby in my lap because it only takes one hand to click a mouse.   

Have more ideas? Comment on this post and I would love to include them in this list, attributed to you of course.  


Lisa Burke Cook said...

Lisa Burke Cook

I know being a at home mom is hard I am one now even though 3 of my girls are in college and one in high School but I like to fill out surveys and find coupons