Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Bumbo

What is a bumbo?

  • Enables baby to sit upright once he or she can support the head but not the rest of the body in a sitting position
  • Promotes close-contact family interaction by allowing baby to see more than the ceiling
  • Contoured seat designed to fit baby's posture
  • Can be placed anywhere on an even ground level surface
  • Soft, comfortable, non-toxic, portable, lightweight and versatile, requires no straps or fasteners


I purchased a Bumbo hesitantly, with doubts that it would truly support my son as well as it claimed and allow him to sit with me. He grew restless when laying down, so I gave in and gave it a try. 

After a week I am so happy I decided to try it! After 7 weeks my son wanted nothing more than to be held sitting or standing so he could look around and see his new world. He was able to hold his head up perfectly and move it around to look where he wanted to look. At 10 weeks we bought the Bumbo and started sitting him in it for five to fifteen minute sessions throughout the day, and he LOVES it. As soon as I put him in the seat he starts to look around at everything and smile when he looks at us. He watches our (small) dogs walk past him and smiles when they walk nearby, and when someone comes into the room he can turn his head and see the face without waiting for them to come look down at him while he is laying. He seems to feel like a big boy and have a little freedom and the "WOW I can look around all by myself!" feeling, and it gives me and my husband a little time of relief while he is entertained and not needing us to hold him upright.

Pros: The Bumbo is soft and cushy, but still has plenty of support. It is lightweight and easy to carry; I can pick it up with my baby in it when I want to move him. It has a good grip on the bottom to stick to linoleum or wood without sliding around and the smooth foam is easy to clean. His head is supported and he cannot flop over to the side or front.

Cons: My son is thirteen pounds and fits well. While he will probably fit for another month or so, a baby born larger may not have enough head support to use this seat before they out grow it. The price ($40) is a little high considering the small amount of time your baby will be able to use it, but this could be said about any baby product.
Conclusion: I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a baby 8 weeks or so. It encourages your baby to sit up safely and build muscle control while feeling like a big boy or girl and being able to look around, and it gives mommy and daddy's arms a break. Just don't take the "break" too far; if your baby is not used to holding his or her head up for more than a few minutes, make sure to get them out of the seat when they start to droop or seem tired of holding the head. I've heard of parents leaving babies in these for an hour or more at a time which is not good on the neck if they are not sitting up on their own yet.


Anonymous said...

My son was born 9 lbs. He grew very rapidly. He is now 20 lbs and 5 months tomarrow. He grew outta the bumbo about a month ago. His legs were too big around for the legholes. He loved it while it lasted. But sadly thats a thing of the past :( lucky for me i borrowed it from a friend. :) i always felt more secure about him playing in it with the tray on. It made him look more locked in. Dont use it on the bed, tho. It can slowly sink down in the back. If it sinks too far it can tip over backwards!! Especially if ur baby is a body thrower or a wiggler. Let me know if u ever need a product tester that is a bigger baby!! :) it deffinatly makes a difference as far as how long or how well a product works!! :)