Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Thred Up

What is Thred Up?

Thred Up helps you swap your children's old clothing and toys with other mothers online.
Membership is FREE.  

How does it work?

You browse through the boxes available on Thred Up, choose one you like and pay $5 plus shipping.  Since it is a swap, you will be required to put together gently used clothing or toys that your child no longer needs and list those on the Thred Up website.  The USPS will send you empty boxes for your items.  Since the recipient is paying shipping (just as you did for yours to be sent to you) it will be free to you to ship.  The cost to completely swap out a box of your stuff for someone else's is $5 plus shipping. Some posters will have a photo of the items so you can see what all will be included.

My personal review:

I have used Thred Up and I was very impressed!  Children grow SO fast and it is tough to keep up with the demands of their clothing and toy needs.  Yard sales are great but sometimes it is rainy or you don't have a chance to get out and go to the yard sales, so Thred Up allows you  the convenience of browsing the boxes online.  I received a $30 swaddle for my newborn along with about 10 outfits that were all in GREAT condition, and I only paid $5 plus shipping.  The boxes to send my used clothes/toys in were delivered right to my doorstep and it was as easy as that!


LiliumHigh said...
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LiliumHigh said...

Forgot my name and didn't know how to edit my anyway I said:
I have tried Thred up and I have always ended up with the box being $15 dollars and sometimes the amount of items doesn't really seem like a good enough deal. Maybe I am doing something wrong? lol

--Sally Guillen