Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Bloggers - How to Begin

Here are a few basics to get started Web Hosting Plans Starting from $6.45

  1. Decide what you want to write about.  You will want to choose a niche topic so you can gather an audience.
  2. Decide the content you will want to have - reviews, products for sale, general articles about how to do things, blog posts about your life experiences, etc.  
  3. Choose a place to begin hosting your blog.  There are websites such as Blogger, Wordpress, and others that are user friendly and you do not have to do much to get started.  Create a free account, start writing posts, and voila, you have a blog.  If you want a more advanced and more customizable page, you can sign up for web hosting with a website like
  4. Incorporate social media to help boost your . You can create a free page on Facebook by scrolling to the bottom when you are logged in and 'create a page' and you can create a free Twitter account in your blog name as well. 
  5. Once you have social media incorporated, you can promote your blog by posting links into your Twitter or Facebook pages.  To schedule posts ahead of time when you may not even be at the computer, you can use HootSuite for free.  This is important so your Facebook and Twitter followers will see your posts if they have a different online schedule than you do and are not online when you post.  You can have it automatically post at 2am if you are asleep, so your night owl followers see the posts as well.
HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard


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