Friday, August 26, 2011

Laundry: How to Save Money

When money is tight, you try to save money on everything, but laundry is easily overlooked.  Here are a few money saving tips that can make a big difference in your wallet.  

1) Use less laundry detergent.  Unless your clothes are heavily soiled or stained, you do not need the full amount of detergent that the bottle recommends.  For most loads, I use half the suggested amount and it works great!

2) Use the energy saver wash setting. Energy saver modes take a little longer and may not work as well on heavily soiled or stained clothing but use less water per load.  

3) Use cold water.  This will make a difference in your utility bill.  Unless your clothing is, again, heavily soiled or stained, you can usually wash your clothing in cold water.  This will also help prevent colors from fading.

4) Set your washer to the appropriate load size.  The bigger the load size, the more water needed.  If you leave your washer set to 'large load' but you only wash a few items, you will be wasting a lot of water.

5) Clean the lint filter before every dryer use.  The lint build up can cause the dryer to work harder and even become a fire hazard.  

6) Hang dry your clothes on a clothing line outside.  This will eliminate any electricity used by the dryer as well as be less harsh on your clothing.  If you have major pollen allergies you may want to avoid this.  


amcintosh74 said...

Very good tips!! Thanks for sharing!
amy m

Sally Guillen said...

This is where we spend a lot of money as well being there are 8 of us in my household now. We do hang our comforters and sheets outside as it takes so long to dry them anyway.

Sally Guillen